What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a form of complimentary or alternative health care.  The word “chiro” means hand, and “practic” is to practice.  We use hands on techniques to treat conditions rather than medications.  Our most powerful treatment modality is the chiropractic adjustment, which offers an endless number of health benefits from reducing pain to improving the immune system.

Chiropractors are spinal specialists who treat conditions of the skeletal system, muscular system, and nervous system.  We perform thorough physical examinations including orthopedic testing to uncover the origin of dysfunction, produce a diagnosis, and create an individual treatment plan.  Depending on the patient’s needs the initial evaluation may include x-rays or other imaging and possibly a referral to another health care provider if appropriate.

A chiropractic treatment plan is based on the restoration of normal joint function as well as pain relief.  Once this is reached the body is able to more efficiently healing itself.  If the joints are not moving properly or are misaligned symptoms may include:  joint pain and stiffness, muscle pain and stiffness, inflammation, nerve pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, frequent injuries, and more.  All organs and body systems are regulated by nerves sending messages from the brain.  Chiropractic can remove nerve irritation and allow the nerves to transmit messages to the body clearly.  This may result in improving organ system function for example the immune system or blood pressure, and an increase in healing among other benefits.